Monday, September 08, 2008

Clearing Out

Drama. Of course there is drama. Someone called the city and complained about the trees being cut down and the city came by to inspect and ask if we had permits. Contractor had been told no permits were needed... it went around and around and I'm not sure where that stands. What a headache. All the lumber from the sick trees in the back yard has been removed and some of the logs left today. The sun has been shining ever since they were cut down and I'm so thrilled by the light. It's still all good. And will only get better and better. Stump grinding, new top soil, then the fun part - planning and planting.



1 comment:

  1. nosey neigbors, what fun;)
    i lost tons of trees in the 05 hurricanes and felt a bit shaken by all the bare nakedness, but then
    the sunshine, and less raking, and no more sap on my car and shoes.
    your already feeling that. as for gladys across the street...maybe a free bag of mulch and the internationally regonized hand signal for butt out.