Friday, September 12, 2008

the grouchy post

I got stung by a bee today. It hurts.

I colored my hair yesterday and it came out B.L.A.C.K. Yeah, I know my hair is dark, but not black and it doesn't look right.

The beads I made today are mostly K.A.K. Not sure what that stands for, but you get the drift.

Logs are still in my front yard.

Luke brought home a cold from school. We are both sniffly.

Luke made me buy a bag of dried seaweed for school snacks because the boy next to him at snack time brings it in and Luke thought it looked interesting. He decided it wasn't as interesting after all and so now I have a bag of dried seaweed that smells and looks like fish food.

My grandmother decided that digital cable it too difficult to learn and so it going back to regular cable even though it means she will no longer get her favorite channels (they have converted to digital only). Getting old must totally suck, not to want to learn a new remote control.

I'm kind of sick of politics, and who ever thought I'd say that. I can't wait until it's over. Of course I hope my guys wins. Hope being the word of the century. Or is it change? Whatever...

When does Gray's Anatomy start? Or Private Practice? Anything good coming this fall? And I need a good book to read, the one I have going puts me to sleep after two paragraphs.


  1. On a plus note, you're not allergic to bees, you hair didn't fall out, you did get to make beads at least, you have fire wood in your front yard in case of emergency, Luke caught the cold now, and will hopefully build a bit of immunity before it's been through the whole school and mutates into some strange virus, you have a big bag of seaweed in case you find yourself with a bunch of fish that need feeding, your grandmother is still alive and kicking even though she doesn't want to join the new millennium, and just think, with the election how could it possibly get any worse no matter who wins!? Don't worry, the good shows are back in the next week or two!! And in the meantime, just think how much worse things could be! What's to be grouchy about! (yes, you can smack me later! LOL)

  2. haha Barrie, you are ms. positive over there on your high horse! LOL just kidding, you are right about all of that except for one thing.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Love your work!

  4. Yes, me and my high horse! LOL At least I made you chuckle, mission accomplished! :)

  5. KAK...means sh!t in Afrikaans. We started using it on the newbie site way back and it seems to perfectly describe those, well, beads that look like KAK!!!

    Loving your blog and your jewelry.