Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I feel like a tree killer, but I adore my new sunlight. Adore. Is that stronger than Love? The lack of privacy thing is going take some getting used to - I can't wait to plant my hedgerow and baby white birch trees. And my strawberry patch. And my cottage garden. It's going to be beautiful. And so much sun, I'll get to plant whatever I want for a change! (Two trees standing, and counting, am a nervous wreck with all the sawing and chipping and branches and logs crashing.) The neighbors might forgive me someday, even, if the hedge and birches grow fast enough. It's not like they were pretty trees, just tall and old, all trimmed up and ugly, leaking drippy sap and dropping pine cones and not letting anything under them grow. Seriously, I'm not justifying a thing here, I've never liked these trees and I usually am a tree-hugger kind of person. It was just time for these to go. They are almost gone, and I'm just crossing my fingers that a.) the house doesn't get a tree dropped on it (the one they are working on now is 10 feet away from my living room) and b.) that my baby madrona tree survives all this - I love that little tree.

In other news, Luke started school today. He had a good day, though I could tell he was nervous (he was holding on to the front seat of the car and wouldn't get out this morning, how obvious was that?). I think he'll be fine, he likes his new teacher, knows a lot of the kids in his class, had a treasure hunt, otter pops, and pizza for lunch, and even has a new pair of eye glasses he can leave at school. It's going to be a good year. He will see that soon enough.

I cleaned out the studio today, set up my photo (oh, they just dropped a log on my stone patio, ouch) studio again, and had time left over to make some watermelon beads.

Nervous.... these saws... one or two more days and then stump grinding noise and then we can enjoy our new sunshine and blank slate of a front yard.

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