Friday, January 02, 2009

The First Day

The day was off to a good start, some happy beads were made, a very cool bead was turned into a very cool pendant...

swirls and dots bead heart bead

heart bead pendant

Frank decided he was going to cook Chinese food for us and had been slaving away for hours... and was just about to put it on the table.... when Luke decided to run around a corner, trip, fall, whack his chin on the corner of the toilet tank.... and then proceded to scream bloody murder while blood gushed all over the place.

A trip to the ER, 4 stitches... an awful meal at McDonalds... and all of a sudden 2009 doesn't seem all that fresh and new and good. Somehow, Luke was able to strike a deal on the way to the hospital and Frank agreed to pay Luke $10 a stitch, so at least someone is cashing in on the prosperity prospect.

He looks like he's in shock, but not really, he was over the hysterics by the time we got there.



  1. Outch, poor Luke! Although he seems to take it in a dignified manner. What a start for the new year - hopefully you're done now with accidents!
    PS - gorgeous beads!!

  2. pam, love the beads! hope luke's recovering nicely - looks like he still has that endearing impish grin here in this picture. :-)