Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something a Little Different

Luke and I were reading about Dodo birds the other day, and how they did such a service to the trees on their island that once they died out, the trees stopped reproducing... and for 300 years no new trees grew... until they figured out that if they fed the seeds to turkeys and then planted the seeds after they reappeared, the seeds would germinate and grow... interesting stuff I tell you! Just the kind of stuff an 8-year-old boy loves!

Anyway, the next day, he asked me if I could make him a Dodo bird bead. And I thought, well, why not try out Jennifer Geldard's puffin that everyone is making and just call it a dodo?

Luke dictated all the color choices here, but I think I did ok!

dodo bird

And then... he begged me to let him make a bead of his own. So I gave him a mini lesson and then he decided to take it a step or two further and did some marvering and shaping. Apparently he was going for a fishbowl shaped bead. Not too bad for an 8-year old! I hope he doesn't ask me to let him make another one any time soon though, he was making me very nervous!

luke's first bead

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  1. Adorable dodo. How fun to see everyone's take on the birds. I really want to try one. Must wait until I can actually control that much glass. :D Luke's bead is great!!!