Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out There

My friend Andee from Germany (I like saying that, having friends on the other side of the world!) featured my beads in two treasuries today - you should go look at them and click around - not only because she designs beautiful treasuries, but because I want them to go to the Etsy front page and make me famous! LOL, seriously. I'm not kidding. No really, you MUST check out her etsy shops, she makes the most beautiful jewelry and takes the brightest most beautiful photos. Treasury 1, Treasury 2, Andeesigns Wearable Art, and Andeesigns Photos.

t-1 t-2

Another mention comes from my friend Shirley Cook from California. She is an amazing glass and felt/fiber artist, and she mentioned me in her blog, which was so nice of her! You should really check out her work. My favorite thing she's made recently is this incredible shawl:

Be sure to check out her glass and fiber stores too!

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  1. Awww Pam, thank you! :)

    (Word verification is "acchee" - makes me want to pass Blogger a hanky :D )