Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Blue Tiger Necklace

Mary Dell is at it again! Remember the topaz tiger necklace from last week or so? Well, here is the blue one. Lesley of YaYa Beads tells me that she hosts a "Just Bead it" day in her shop on Wednesdays, where customers shop around for just the perfect beads and findings to make their designs work, and Mary Dell was in there working on this piece. I LOVE it - it's perfect, don't you think? Thanks for sharing, Lesley and Mary Dell!


  1. FABULOUS!!! What a great necklace!! Perfect combo with your blue tiger bead, Pam!! :)

  2. So perfect! That's an incredible bead and the beadwork does it proud.

  3. love it...such a beautiful necklace...:)

  4. Thanks, Pam. I meant to elaborate that Mary Dell used labradorite, onyx, some great Bali silver, and some big honking Swarovski round crystals in thi piece - in addition to those huge turquoise rounds.
    Thanks for your support!