Friday, May 14, 2010

Tiger Love!

You know I love to find out what happens to all my beadie babies once they go out into the world, right? Most of the time... I never find out. But! Sometimes I do and it makes my day.

And today is one of those days! Mary Dell Telander bought one of my very fist tiger beads from Lesley at YaYa Beads in Augusta, Georgia. Actually, I hear she bought two of them and there is another necklace coming! Anyway... this is the topaz tiger bead, made into a beautiful long necklace with... what, is that tiger's eye? And copper and oh, I have no idea, but a great selection of stones from cream to caramel to chocolate - perfect! Thanks for sharing, Lesley and Mary Dell!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Pam - there is tiger eye, copper, some bronze Czech glass rondelles and some cream-colored Czech beads, some honey jade, and even some coral in this necklace. Your gorgeous bead just gave us so many possibilities to play with, that it was hard to choose!

    And BTW, your blog banner gorgeous - best I've ever seen!


  2. ah, I think it's the honey jade that I'm loving the most - the faceted rectangles?

    Thanks Lesley!