Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Oh, it almost didn't happen. I was just soooo tired today - almost useless tired. Though I still managed to get a lot of things done - I don't know how that happened. Here is the last thing I've managed - more like forced myself - to do. And a brief explanation and excuse for it being so... lame. Last night was Children's Book Illustration class... and I have to say, I hope it improves. An hour was spent staring at a piece of blank paper wondering... "what does a fox look like again? What does a rabbit *thumping* her hind leg look like again? What does a rabbit running look like? Wonder if I can hide my lack of talent by putting them all in clothes? Though Luke would get a bigger kick out of it if I could draw a rabbit with a bare bum running to hide in it's rabbit hole - yes, he'd like that a lot, hmn...I wonder if he's ever going to do some demonstrations on illustration techniques or if I'm supposed to know all that already..." and more such thoughts like that to fill the hour as I scratched away on the paper trying to pretend I could draw and was artist enough to be there even... and so today, I headed to and pulled up some foxes and rabbits and printed them off to try to draw... and I tried, just a little bit...this is all I've got in me - I'm off to bed.

Luke: "Eeny miny moe. Catch a tiger AND a toe. My mom says pick the best ONE!"

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