Saturday, September 10, 2005

Katrina Relief Efforts

I am finding it helps to hear about the good things people are doing to help out. So I have two good stories to share. This one is fun. My good friend Becky just won this amazing piece painted by a 5-year-old boy named Dylan.

Here is the story: "My 5yr old son entered the room as I was taking pictures of my paintings to put online. I explained to him that I was painting them for donations to the Humane Society. Remembering seeing all the news coverage of the animals that were being rescued, he distinctly remembered the picture of the dog on the roof. I explained to him that a lot of people and their pets lost their homes. He wanted to contribute by painting a picture for me to list. I cut holes in a garbage bag to cover his clothes & sat out some dinosaur paintings as a reference for him. He sat down to create "Dylan's Dinosaurs" as his way of helping. He asked if his picture would be sent to the dog in the photo. I tried to explain that his money would go to help rescue more, but I'm not sure he understands. A few minutes later he asked if I would include a picture of the dog in the listing so everyone would know which dog his painting would be sent to :)"

The other story is about my husband who volunteered to go to Austin Texas to help project manage the database that is going to help people find their lost loved ones and family members. Microsoft is paying for his trip and time and he will be gone at least a week. He's very happy to be able to help in this way. People just really want to be able to do *something* and it's great when they can.

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