Monday, October 03, 2005

Ending Things

I don't think anyone will be crushed if I end this aaad a week early. It's not that I'm done creating, just done trying to hold myself to a standard worthy of showing the world *something* every day. In fact, I plan on creating *something* every day for the rest of my life... but I doubt anyone cares to see all those hundreds (or, let's hope, thousands) of creations. Today, for example, I drew an angel, but she's not ready to see daylight, it's not worth it just to keep up the aaad. If and when she is, I'll be sure to post her.

I also dropped my children's book illustration class. I'd been stewing it over all week - it wasn't enjoyable last week, the teacher gave me bad vibes, it wasn't what I was hoping for... and I was dreading the next class... so I called today and found out I could drop it and take a credit good toward another class in the next year. And that is what I'll do - once I finish my painting survey class, I'll pick a medium and take a class in it. I have a feeling it will be acrylics, but only time will tell. I'm very happy with myself for dropping it - sometimes I think breaking a commitment is just what is needed - especially if it's not making your heart sing.

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