Monday, October 17, 2005

Found My House

I found our new house. I love it. It's beautiful. It's fantastic. It's almost everything I want. And guess what? Frank is in India and my real estate agent is in Arizona on vacation. So I'm flying solo on this - my agent is going to help me submit the offer myself and then there is going to be a bidding war. Please send good vibes - I could really use them! Oh, and here are some photos.


  1. Hi Pam,
    I just recently stumbled across your blog (I think it was through a link at Bella Dia), and I wanted to chime in and send you happy housebuying vibes. That place looks STUNNING.

    PS, your artwork is so lovely! It will fit right into the house!

    Gnome G

  2. That is some beautiful place, congrats.

  3. Hi Pam:
    I just found your blog and photo's. I love your cottage and you have done a beautiful job in pulling it all together to make it home. I don't have a color printer so I don't know what colors you have chosen but I'm sure they are lovely given your obvious talent.

    I am moving into..hopefully this summer.. my husband's small house of just under 800sq ft. from 2200 sq. feet home that I've owned for 30 years..downsizing will be huge!

    I am actually very excited about the possibilites. Of course, it does not hold a candle to your home but it has it's own charm about it. I was in a small home that used colors..not the common white/beige to make the rooms appear gave me courage to choose colors to bring the house alive to make it into a cozy home. I am wondering what colors you have chosen for your living room/kitchen/bedroom?.

    Our bathroom is so small you can sit on the toilet and brush your teeth in the sink. The only room fairly is the kitchen which has a small dinette the side.. with window on 3 sides.. The 2 bedrooms barely have room for a queen size I'm thinking of the old murphy bed idea for the guest room.
    I am crazy about cottages and love your home. Judi

  4. pam, your entire house is exquisite -- what a great place to make a home. I haven't been around the blogs much lately (too busy) but I can see i've been missing alot at your blog. will have to keep track of the progress in your new place. Love your studio, too!