Friday, October 21, 2005

What I Will Miss

Of course I'm thinking about this a lot as I work my butt off trying to make my current home sparkle so it can go on the market... what will I miss the most? Obviously the amazing ever-changing view of the Cascades and the Valley. But most of all, I think I'm going to miss my huge double person jetted bathtub and my "his and her" sinks and the double shower. And the awesome heated slate floor. And those wonderful mosaic tiles that add just a sparkle of lavender to the green and white. (I do love my bathroom!) The new deck will be missed too... and all the new hardwood floors. I really worked hard on this house to make it "just right"... and now that it's done... we are moving. Funny how life works out, hu?

Anyway, some people have been asking what our house looks like - so here are a few pictures I've dug up - just of the view. There will be more soon of course. You may have seen some of these already. And there are also the halloween ones from about a week ago.

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