Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I did it.

I submitted the offer all by myself. And by that I mean pretty much all by myself... with just a tiny bit of help from my agent who is on vacation and not much input at all from my husband who won't be home until Friday night late. I am so exhausted, from the stress and the worry and the wonder and fighting off the fear and deciding just step into it and go for what I want even though I really don't know how in the world it's all going to come about - mortgage-wise and selling this house and timing, and if my husband is even going to like the house... and all that STUFF... and then the fax machine that kept jamming... but I feel really good about it - I really do. I really feel like they are going to accept our offer. And I told Luke I'd build him a tree house when we move there. Thanks to all of you who sent out the good vibes. I should know soon.

As a reward for all the work and stress I bought myself a beautiful book today - I only stumbled on it by chance in the "self help" section where my mother was looking for a Louise Hays book - Sabrina Ward Harrison's Brave on the Rocks. (Which is kind of how I'm feeling.) It's an art journal - why in the world is it in the self-help section??? Anyway, it's got all my favorite images from her site and the few pages I've read are just wonderful too. So, highly recommend :)

Here is a shot of the back of the house and maybe the area where Luke's new tree house is going to go:

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