Monday, May 29, 2006

Better than Haagen-Dazs....

Better than Ben & Jerry's... better than you know what! LOL, I made my own ice cream from scratch today for the first time - it was soooooo good. The best chocolate ice-cream ever. One cup of cocoa to one cup of sugar, then eggs, milk, cream and vanilla. That's it. Took forever and a day to make, but so very worth it. Will do again. And again.

Have been taking hundreds of photos with the new camera and not really loving most of them. I think I need that Nikon 60mm Micro Lens that costs $400. Yes, I'm sure of it, it's exactly what I need.

Here are a couple of shots - not sure why the background came out black on a sunny afternoon outside... but there you have it. And I have no idea what the white flower is - it closes up at night and the ants love it - I thought it was a peony when it was budding... could it be? I just don't know.


  1. I think your photos are beautiful Pam, love the black background with the lilly. My Mum has a tonne of peony bushes and singles in her yard, the ants swarm over them. Your flower looks exactly like a peony. Congrats, they are beautiful plants!

  2. Hi Hollie - I was told it IS a peony - a Species Peony - the original that was used to breed those fluffier rose-looking ones. I love them :)

  3. I like the lily too.

    The crawling ants are one thing that I liked about peony bushes when I was a kid.

    Home-made ice cream IS like that: a lot of work AND good :-) and chocolate is, of course, better.