Thursday, May 11, 2006

That Friday Feeling

I know it's only Thursday, but... it feels like Friday. It's been feeling like Friday since about Monday morning really. Which, in itself, is really exciting because I think it's been years since I've had that Friday Feeling... probably because I have had my own companies for that long and when you work for yourself, the week is not over on Fridays. And then of course, Moms don't get weekends off... Anyway, you know what feeling I'm talking about, right? The anticipation of good things to come - a chance to do what you want to do with no one telling you that you can't? Free time coming and fun times ahead? Where your stomach tingles and you just want to smile all the time.... potential and possibilities abound... yeah, that's the feeling I'm talking about!

What's so great, you may wonder? Well, I have good news and more good news.

First of all, we are all moved out of the Carnation house. Every last thing. And it's clean and ready for the new owners and I no longer have to drive an hour down there and an hour back every stinking day. I'm soooo very excited about this, even though it was sad locking up for the last time, and my back has still not recovered from a marathon weekend of moving.

Secondly, everything is moved into the new house and I've started putting things where they go. Sort of. But there's no pressure, it will all happen when it does.

Thirdly, we signed papers on the house early and as of 5:00 today, we no longer own two houses - we are back down to one house, one mortgage. Well, two mortgages really, but who's counting? It's still way better than four.

And finally, remember the camera I felt I had gotten a bad deal on? I called them to arrange for a return and refund... and they worked it out with me - lowering my price and throwing in an extra memory card to make up the difference. Even though they still seem like a shady company, and I will never purchase from them again, it saved me the money I would have lost in shipping costs both ways, and I did get a fair deal - not a great deal, but a fair deal. So all is good there and I have a new toy to play with. Just in time too, to get some great shots of Luke singing at his Mother's Day Tea tomorrow!

And just to leave you with a little eye candy... remember those green fuzzy pods from a week or so ago? Well, this is what they turned into. Taken with the new camera, I'm happy to say.

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  1. Cool. The new camera system worked out after all. Enjoy.