Friday, May 12, 2006

Doh, a Deer...

Luke sang songs for me today. He was the cutest kid at the Mother's Day Tea, of course. Haha, I'm sure all the moms say that about their own kids. He also spoiled me by opening the door for me, seating me, serving me strawberry shortcake and fruit punch with flowers in the ice cubes - all with gusto, flourish and impeccable manners (he's been practicing for a month now). And he gave me a pretty gift he grew himself from a seed. And painted the pot as well. Beautiful morning, aside from the rain and freezing temperatures anyway. Happy to be a mom and to have such a loving child.


  1. Our daughter painted a pot very much like that, but the petunia in it was from a pallet. Sounds like Mday was a success.

  2. He is beautiful !!! :) I love the expression in his face in the bottom photo.