Sunday, May 14, 2006

Will This Madness Never End???

Oh, the blissful sound of water filling the washing machine after a week of having dirty laundry pile up. Joy! It works! And then a bit later the sound of a gasp and a grunt and a few swear words and a loud click as the husband hits the washer off... I run down the stairs to find the floor covered in soapy water, gurgling up from a drain in the floor. (WTF??)

Then, two days before this mess, I called to have the house phone hooked up finally. She said they would turn it right on, so I went and plugged the phone into the jack in the kitchen and checked on it every half hour or so... and then, after a few hours, I decided to call the phone company to see what was taking them so long and as the line was ringing, I changed my mind and called the new number only to find it was, in fact, already turned on. So then I realized the jack didn't work. I tried another one. Nothing. Searched around for yet another and found one in the bedroom, plugged it in and finally, it worked. Of course, I'd nearly forgotten that nothing in this house worked as expected when we moved in. Why would the phone lines be any exception?

When will this end? When??? Yes, I am feeling that perhaps I should have listened to my mother this time - she said, Pam, why do you want an old house? Nothing will work and your furniture will never be level on these floors. "Oh Mom, it will be fine - this is a wonderful old house!" Days like today, I realize she knows more than I ever give her credit for.

Yes, that's a perfect lead in to wishing her, and all the other moms in my life, a wonderful Mother's Day. Hoping it's relaxing and care-free. Laundry-free and mess-free too.


  1. How is it that you can take a photo of gurgling bubbles flooding the basement and have it look as if it belongs in a modern art museum?

  2. LOL! It must be my new camera ;) Haha - thank you - your comment made me smile when I really needed to :-)

  3. Santa Claus is bringing s'mee a new camera for Ma's Day...I am wondering in the back of my head if this new camera, in my hands, will spew forth such photos?

    hmmm. S'mee thinks ye are to humble missy.