Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back in the Flow

It's been a few days since I posted beads. Did you even notice? Well, even if you didn't, I did... and it's because... well... the magic disappeared. Poof, gone. So last night, after a frustrating time melting and messing things up, I decided today I was going to go back and make a Corina bead... you know, the type of bead I learned to make at that class last December with some of my glass friends... and see if I couldn't bring the magic back with some old-fashioned planning and preparation and comfort zone. And that is what I did, first bead this morning was this one:

fossil bead

And then! This one came about! I love it.

tiger bead tiger bead

And eventually a couple like this one.

tiger bead

A good day in the bead studio. Finally. I'm happy.


  1. You really have the magic (back) to create beautiful things!!



  2. They are just GORGEOUS! I love your colours.

  3. I hate those days were I feel like I'm just melting glass.Good to see you back in the flow, they are stunning.

  4. Pam, they're gorgeous! And the 2nd one - WOOOOOWWWW!! :)

    (The word verification for this comment is rather fitting: "morinis" ;) )

  5. magic gone!...oh no way...your magic is them all...

  6. Your lampwork beads are gorgeous.

  7. Wish my magic would go away like yours did! Wowsers! Those are all drop dead gorgeous. Can't decide if I like the first one or the last one best, but they're all fabulous.

  8. thanks everyone! It feels good to make something pretty again, I guess it wouldn't be that special if every day was a perfect day, huh?

    Andee, what is Morinis to you? Is it something in German?

  9. Pam - lol, no, it's not a German word, but it's so close to murrini. :)