Sunday, March 08, 2009

Destination ImagiNation

Luke's big Destination ImagiNation Competition was yesterday. His team, the DIamonds, wasn't allowed to actually compete - for a real prize - as they were too young still - but they got do everything just as if they were, and they did GREAT!

Destination ImaginNation is Luke's new favorite thing in the world - it's so creative and the kids all get to put their wacky ideas out there and people actually listen and then best of all, let them try them out to see if they will work or figure out how to adjust them so that they eventually will.

This group of 9 second-graders brainstormed and decided to do a skit about discovering ice-cream in the center of the earth. They wrote two songs, wrote their own lines, created their own rock monster costumes, invented a device to shoot ice-cream through to feed the fire monster and created their own set and props. All by themselves. The parents were not allowed to help in any way, we had to sign a contract saying we would not even give them ideas. They could ask us how to do something, sew for example, and we could teach them that, but then had to let them do the rest on their own.

Luke decided to use fabric for his costume - he put a diamond heart on it (with fabric glue) and sparkles, and used safety pins instead of sewing. Other kids used boxes or bags to create their costumes. Each one was completely different, and really great. The fire monster wore white with red and yellow feathers glued on. One of the rock monsters had a pet rock - a rock on a rope. And then they had 8 minutes of lines to remember and say in front of a room of complete strangers and a table of judges. They pulled it off and were total superstars and were very proud of themselves. Now they can't wait until next year... when they actually will have a chance to win an award.

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