Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Handful of Beads

Or... What Have I Got Myself Into?

hand full

What a day! First I agreed to make a set of beads to go with a focal that sold. No biggie, I'd been rolling the thought around in my head anyway. And it was not bad, once I figured out that it was ok if they didn't all match (I'm not a matchy matchy person, in case you haven't figured that out). All this time I had it in my mind that other people expected matching things and so I stayed away from sets - avoided them like the plague - but then I realized... not everyone does expect that, do they? There are people like me, people who like asymmetrical things, eclectic things, things that are a little "off" (but in a good way)... and they are the ones who will by my beads - it's all good.

Then, the set sold! Great right? Except, not to the person I reserved them for. SO... I got busy. I headed out to the studio as soon as the kiddo went to school and didn't stop until it was time to pick him up. I made another set, and another one after that because a friend wanted some too... and I thought I was going to make a set for myself because they are really that cool and I should make myself something since my birthday is coming (right?)... but then all of a sudden, I had 45 minutes left and I couldn't bring myself to make another small bead... So...just to make my heart happy, I made a big focal, because by that point, I HAD to.

But here is the thing... small beads are ok! They are certainly low stress, compared to the honking big ones I make... which take up to an hour each, by the way. If you ruin a bead you've invested that much time in and so much glass in at the last minute... well, it's bad news and a sad bead day. But if you ruin a little bead that you might have maybe 10 or 15 minutes invested in... eh, melt it all in, encase it in another color, and make something else! No biggie. It was actually kind of liberating after all that "I don't make small beads" talk I had going on in my head.

So ok, I make small beads too... sometimes. We will see. But first I have to get all these sets and custom requests sorted out... for all these *easy* small beads... I've got a big mess on my hands. Except, I'm not complaining, it's not a bad problem to have, really.


  1. Pam, They are beautiful. I love your new look, and your new bead style is great, too. :D Hugs!!

  2. Wow - what an output! They are so pretty Pam.

  3. I like those. That little pop of lime really makes them stand out.

  4. I love that handful of beads, Pam! Can't wait to get mine! :) :)