Monday, March 23, 2009

My Little Hoot Owl

Luke was in a play last week, he was "Hoot Owl" and the play was called "Wildwood Garden" and was all about recycling and taking care of our earth and keeping things "Green".

The second graders did a great job, and Luke loved it so much - he loves acting and costumes and set design - the whole thing. He is amazing at memorizing his lines - I think he knew his the first day, and then had everyone else's lines memorized by show day as well.

He was so sad when it was over though - "I'm sad because that is the last play of the year and I can't do another one until next year". I think I'll have to find a summer theater program for my budding actor... he'll like that. Another thing to add to my list!


  1. whoooo makes a cute owl? luke, thats whoooo!

    pam, love your new header so much.

  2. Great costume!!! Hope you find a way to let Luke doing more theater!!!

    Lovely greetings,