Friday, March 27, 2009

Do You See What I See?

The latest Chico's catalog came the other day and I finally got a chance to look at it. There is a sweater on the front cover that I adore. Of course it's black and white, and the gorgeous woman with short cropped blond hair is standing in front of the most beautiful blue ocean and had a big fabulous necklace and sparkly bracelet... the whole cover is WoW. It makes me want to:

1.) go buy the whole outfit (except I would probably never wear it)
2.) cut my hair short (but I know better!)
3.) color my hair blond (if I only had the guts)
4.) go to the beach (a warm tropical one, not the windy, grey, PacNW one I have right down the street)

AND... can you guess this one ???
5.) yes, go make beads. (there is a black and white focal coming from this Chico's catalog cover... it's just a matter of time!)

I couldn't find the shot on their website, but I did find several more inspiring pieces. None of them are anything I'd ever wear, really... but they all scream at me to make beads... can't you see them now? I can, and let me just say they are amazing! Now... if I can only take these images and make them work in glass... *that* is what I'll be working on next week.

The only thing left that I have to say is: who in their right mind would paint wearing a jacket like that??? Obviously they have no idea what painting does to a person's wardrobe. Or melting glass for that matter. If I have a piece of clothing that doesn't have paint on it, it's got burn marks... so yeah, I probably won't be doing #1 up there on my list, it would be a total waste of money. #2 isn't happening either. #3 could, someday... if I ever either get crazy enough or brave enough... one or the other... in the meantime, I'll just keep dreaming about #4 while I'm #5, playing with fire... melting my glass...


  1. Pam - I can just imagine the black & white. Such a classy, elegant was predominant in the store here this past summer.

    What struck me was the first image in your post. It instantly reminded me of the fantabulous & beautiful beads you have been doing recently - with the wonderful blues, greens twisties & swirly depths too them.

    The only reason that I hadn't commented on any of them is that I seem to have run out of superlatives for your beads....either that or the ones I can think of seem inadequate!

  2. Awww, thanks Deb!

    and... you are right, that first jacket is a lot like the beads I've been making, only with more tiny dots and tighter patterns. Fun :)

  3. Pam, I can hardly wait to see what you make. What a great source of inspiration! Wouldn't you like to see what the model is painting, though? That would be fun!

  4. Somehow I dropped off their mailing list. Too bad - what inspiration! Yep, that first picture looks like your beads - but I like your beads better!