Monday, March 09, 2009

Rose Garden

It snowed today. Hail too. The ground is crunchy frozen and the air is crisp. Icy fingers of draftyness are reaching through my single pane windows and under the doors... it's downright depressing.

I'm jones'ing for spring, have been flipping through my garden books and magazines, catalogs too. I can't for the life of me figure out what I want to do with my front yard - it's a blank slate right now and anything is possible. And that's the problem, I like it all. White picket fences with climbing roses and hollyhocks and tulips and lilac bushes... tall green hedges and white birch trees with day lilies and hosta.... a funky spiral walkway with blueberry bushes and a pumpkin patch... are you starting to see my dilemma?

So today, instead of digging in the dirt and marking off paths and beds and deciding where the hedge could grow... I made Rose Garden Beads. It's all I could think to do when the world was white and frozen and cold... dreams in pink and green with lots of sunshine.

rose garden


  1. So bright and lovely...I can feel the spring!!!!



  2. Beautiful Pam! Hopefully, spring is really on its way and we can be done with the winter dreariness for awhile.