Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frit Diva Testing Part 5: Petulant Petuntia

Frit Diva's Petulant Petunia - now here is a frit to be reckoned with. Probably my favorite name of the bunch, and she lives up to it. We have not yet made friends, she doesn't seem to like my hot torch... or the colors I put her on. I will try again though. I think I will try encasing her next time.

Anyway, here she is over Opal Yellow and Ink Blue - I was sure she was going to be a great floral garden background, as you can see from my theme...


  1. You can't make an ugly bead, can you? These are gorgeous!

  2. Petunia looks so pretty, even if you don't think you have become friends yet. You will.