Thursday, February 03, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts

Did you know... that if you have been hitting that "follow" button on all your friend's blogs... that you also have to update the widget in the sidebar to get them to show up? I did not. But now I do... so I'm happy again and will be better about "following" blog. I was so lost!

Also, do you know? Of a shopping cart solution for websites (like mine, that will allow me to list items and also will mark them as sold when they are? That is my problem, I need them to be marked sold so they don't sell twice. Ideas?

Guess what! I'm so excited about the viking knit stuff. But... I'm waiting and waiting and waiting... for my end caps and findings so I can actually do something with them.

And guess what else! I'm so excited to start working on my Bead Soup Blog Party project... Ernie the fish is getting bored sitting around... but still, I'm waiting and waiting for my special supplies to show up. Since I never work with gold, I had to order some gold-filled things to go with my "soup". And it's still not here yet. Do you think the snowstorms all across the country are possibly holding up my mail? Probably, huh?

Oh, and don't you think?! That this One World One Heart thing is amazing? I have found several new blogs to follow and am loving all the comments I'm receiving. Fun! But there are far fewer people participating this year... it's not too late to join in, you know.

Oh, and guess what we did yesterday? Well, not we. Luke. Luke gets to do all the fun stuff these days. Anyway, HE started a metals class and is making a ring. He's learning to manipulate metal and use a torch to solder! How cool is that? We (and I do mean WE) need to learn how to make some fused glass cabs so he can learn to make bezels around them and make his own glass and metal works. Way too cool for a 10-year-old to be working on, don't you think?

And hey, speaking of 10-year-olds... we discovered this set of books that we L.O.V.E - and yes, it's about history and we both L.O.V.E them. Seriously. Your kid would too - so much better than those boring history books the schools are buying with your tax dollars. It's an 11 book set called "History Of Us" and it's interesting and engaging and we can't wait to read the next chapter. Really!

Well, that's it, my mind is blank again... isn't that a relief?!


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion (amoung others!:) ) I am always looking for books that might interest my son!

  2. Pam, I need to find your OWOH post! Love the books too.