Friday, February 11, 2011

Frit Diva Testing, Part 1: Santa Fe Cowgirl

Frit Diva's grand opening was today - remember I said I was going to be doing some frit testing for her? Well, I only just got started... and I only tried Santa Fe Cowgirl, so far.

This one is CIM stone and pale trans blue:

This one is on... either Khaos or Echo, I can't remember what the tag said. One of the silver glasses, a brown rod.

This one is half maple and half pale trans blue:

And this is opal yellow, super heated, reduced (turned all dark) and then back in the neutral flame to clean it up a little, trying to keep the dark edges.


  1. Cool frit beads, Pam. I love that last one!

  2. All of them are gorgeous. Wish I understood the terminology. But then, I would want to tackle that too...No, I'll just stick with admiring your work! :)