Saturday, February 05, 2011

What We've Been Up to Lately

The biggest project in forever, that's what. I have to empty the lower level of the house so we can have some repairs done... which meant, either store all the guest room stuff in a pod, or upgrade the kid to a tween/teen room and give him the guest bed. You will see here what we decided to do.

Here is the inspiration photo and the finished result. We painted, had new carpet installed, new baseboard, new curtains, new bedding... the whole works. I figure he's good now until he goes to college.... at least I hope so!

You can see whole post is over on Luke's blog: Luke's New Room - all the before and after and in between shots. I'm impressed with myself, but then I had a total slave-driver project manager pushing me every step of the way (Luke, of course).

Phew, done with THAT! Now to empty the rest of the basement. Hmn.


  1. Wow - it looks fantastic - I bet he is thrilled!

  2. Love the room! My boys will be so jealous. I'm also going to show them the claymation alien wrestling video. That was great!