Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Beyond Layers Class, Day 15

Resistance... and "Whisper"... that's what Beyond Layers was about in yesterday's class... getting past the resistance, what stops us from making art, from being... ourselves...whatever.. and a prompt to create around the word "whisper"... Well, I thought all day about "whisper, while telling myself that I was actually doing pretty well about getting past resistance... lately... and then, the moon came out, with wispy clouds... and I thought "Hey!" and went to shoot it... only to be disappointed once again about the stupid bright circle on black that I always get when trying to shoot the moon.

Duh. Why keep doing the same old thing, expecting different results? So I looked it up: How to Take a Great Picture of the Moon? and there it was... the thing I'd been resisting... learning to use the manual controls on my camera. So, I figured it out. Sort of. But then a cloud came through, bringing snow... and this was as good as I got. It's my "Whisper" image for class... Thursday Kim will have some new "whisper" recipe for us to try, I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Your photos are amazing. The one of the moon is my favorite since I enjoy moon watching! You have inspired me to get more familiar with my little Canon power shot SX230!