Monday, March 19, 2012

Beyond Layers: Color Week ~ Green!

I am so happy it's color week. I'm all about color. And texture. And color. Happy Happy. Even if I did get yelled at by the produce manager for taking these pictures.

Tomorrow is yellow. Yippee!


  1. Your green is beautiful! Yellow sounds like it will be just as wonderful. You do however need a pink day! I started looking at some of what I've done and I'm further in the class than I realized. I'm on painterly. That's for tomorrow.

    1. Maggie, skip ahead and do this week - one day is pink!
      Monday - Green
      Tuesday - Yellow
      Wednesday - Pink
      Thurs - Blue
      Friday - Red

      Then go back to painterly!

  2. What a great idea! I can be a day behind on the colors, do two colors tomorrow I guess.

  3. Maybe the produce manager wouldn't have minded so much if you'd told him you were going to plug the store, free advertisement you know! Beautiful Greens!!