Monday, February 13, 2012

366: Day 44

Lulu has gone broody on me, trying to hatch eggs that are not even there because I stole them out from under her. I keep booting her out of the egg box, sending her outside to play. She keeps going back to the egg box. She seems a little confused about what's going on, giving me this look.


  1. Oh poor sweetie ...I don't know anything about this a normal natural wanting to be broody behavior? She sure IS giving you the look!!

    1. I guess some breeds tend to go broody more often than others? She seems confused by it all, almost relieved once she gets outside and can scratch around with the other girls. She's sweet though, lets me push her out of the egg box. I guess some chickens can get mean about it. She's much better now - she sees me coming and she gets up on her own. I think she's just compelled to sit on any eggs that are in there.