Saturday, February 25, 2012

366: Day 56

Three good things: feeding birds at the lake, taking 471 photos, and a boy on the mend. 


  1. Love the blackbird with all the pretty text behind it! It's like the mixed media I love so much and where I'd love to get when I get serious about layers, brushes, and all. So happy the kid is feeling better!

    1. Maggie, you and I are headed in the same direction, once we get the right mad skillz! I'm thinking a lot about digital collage... and painting my own background textures to scan in... and stuff... so much to figure out.

    2. and I think that crow needs a crown, don't you?

    3. A crown would be the perfect touch. I have some painted backgrounds waiting for subject matter and I need to scan them before I add more paint. Love the digital aspect in that you can play when tired and not ruin those vintage papers so well loved and such.