Saturday, February 18, 2012

366: Day 49

I'm having a tough time with the positive thoughts these days... 2012 has been really difficult so far. My kid has been sick since January 11th. He's gotten better a few times, only to get sick again as soon as we go back out in public. Right now he is snoring on the couch after moaning in pain after hours of emptying his stomach every half hour. Poor baby. I should be thankful that he's snoring peacefully. I should be thankful that he's got a raging fever, so that I know his body is fighting it this time. I should be thankful that it's a school break now and he has time to recover before we go back... and I am. But I'm really tired. It would be nice to use our season passes to the ski mountain. It would be nice to maybe go on a little road trip and find some sunshine. It would be nice to go out somewhere besides the drug store or doctors office or grocery store. It would be nice to have something to photograph besides tulips and chickens. It would be nice to think that thinking and listing positive thoughts brought only good things into a person's life. It worked for a little bit, but I'm discouraged right now. And I know my kid is too.

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  1. Oh wow, poor kidlet! I can understand your feelings completely.