Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beyond Layers: Getting Painterly

Well. Painterly is what I'm mostly always going for, so I was thrilled with this week's lesson. Painterly in a mixed media kind of way though, not a fine art kind of way... which is how I feel the tulips came out... and maybe the gull too? I don't know. I was tempted to brighten the flowers, add some script or something mixed media-ish... but I refrained. Probably because I kind of did that yesterday and had lots of fun already. How many ways can I alter that tulip photo? That's a good question, I bet I could do a different treatment every day of the year. But, don't worry, I won't!

Here are my finished images, the tulips and the gull.

and here are my source images so you can see the difference. I think the best thing I learned was about sharpening the image ahead of time to get a more painterly feel out of it. 


Thanks for looking :)

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