Saturday, January 28, 2006

Book, Temple, Frida

I ordered this book to help inspire me to create a kick-butt art studio in the new house - it's really a great book - so much eye candy and many good ideas. I highly recommend it.

Frank went sight-seeing today in India. He went to this amazing temple built all of marble and he gave a donation and got his wish blessed - he wished for the Carnation home to sell of course. So now we've got the Catholic Saint Joseph buried upside down in the yard (Luke said, gasping, "Mom! WHY are you putting that in the dirt????" "Because Meme told me to." "Oh! Well then let me do it!") and the new age woo-woo stuff, and now a Hindu Goddess has blessed it. So it MUST happen soon. We certainly have our bases covered.

And because I love to notice coincidences and synchronicities… and because I'm noticing one, that seems big (as in, I'm not getting it but it's so in-my-face-I-can't-ignore-it), and I thought I'd share: every time I turn around this week it's Frida, Frida, Frida. She's everywhere, it seems, and I never knew about her before - not really. She's been all over my live journal friend's pages, she's on wet canvas, Ebay, I even pulled out of Luke's bookshelf a children's book about her life - it just fell into my hands the other night and so we read it for the first time. Then I Googled and learned more about her work and hard, painful life. How she created in spite of the pain she lived with every moment of the day. Or perhaps because of it. Now, what is the connection and what am I supposed to be learning from this woman with the eyebrow, I wonder?

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