Monday, January 09, 2006

How Times Change

Remember waiting in line to get into a club... or to get show tickets before they sold out... or camping out to get play-off tix... or whatever it was that was high-demand and you just had to do anything to get into it? I never spent a night on a side-walk or suffered in line in the cold and rain for hours and hours or anything like that - but I was willing to do that today. Well... just because I was willing, didn't mean I did: I sent my husband to do it instead. My hero of the day got up at 5:00 AM this morning to jump into the cold car and drive an hour north and then waited until people started showing up to get in line - he was third in line it turns out at 6:50 AM - and two more behind him - doors opened at 7:30... all to get one of the 17 full-day kindergarten spots in the school next door to our new house. Yes, Luke is going to kindergarten in the fall and he got into the full-day program - I'm so excited at the thought of 6 whole hours a day where I can - make art, take care of myself, get a job and/or expand this business of mine... start being Pam again, for much of the day anyway, instead of Mom all day long. It's going to be heaven. And Luke will love it too - school is one of his favorite things to do - hope that remains true for several more years anyway. Now... what to do to get us through the summer, I wonder...

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