Sunday, January 22, 2006


I think this bird looks the way I feel. Blah. Sick of it.

The day started out ok... but went downhill pretty fast. I don't even know why. But nothing is doing it for me today.

The dog, the one who thinks it's her regular job to guard us from every squirrel, dog walker or car driving by, is in high alert since Frank is out of town. She won't stop barking... and I can't *make* her stop. It's ear-splitting. I took her for a ride up to Edmonds house to let her run and blow some of it out of her in the yard - but no. She also felt the need to bark at every single pedestrian and biker on the road. Especially ear-splitting when confined in a car with her. Add to that Luke yelling at her to quiet down, that she's interrupting him and his steady, almost constant stream of babble... and - well... I can't hear myself think.

And then the house - in Edmonds... stinks. I don't know what the problem is, but we walked in and whoa. Stink with a capital S. I can not locate the source of it and can't decide if it smells like dead rat or a septic problem. I don't think we have a septic though. So maybe it's a rat. Though I was pretty sure they were evicted already. Luke announced he hates the house and can we "unsell" it. (Said while holding his nose pinched closed.) He means "unbuy" it of course. There are days I wish the same thing, my dear son.

So... since we couldn't stay there longer without passing out, I decided to take Luke to the beach - it's cold and grey, but not raining - and thought I could maybe get a cool shot of a seagull or two. But one picture in (see above)... and my batteries died. Plus I could hear that dog over the wind, barking at all the crazy scuba divers... So we left and came home - to find that someone had definitely shown the house today as expected... but nothing, no word of anything. Not that I really expect anything, but sheesh, they should have to fill out a survey before they go so I know if my hours and hours of cleaning and trying to make this house sparkle were at *all* worthwhile... but no - all I get is a business card on the counter.

But in the grand scheme of things, it's probably all good - because I also have a stupid canker sore from the stupid toothpaste I bought on sale that looked natural and healthy enough, but obviously wasn't - and it would hurt like hell to smile, if I even felt like it. Blah.

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