Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Joys (Not) of Selling a Home

Oh, I'm ready for this to be done already. The latest is just too much. The last person to view our house - two days ago, mind you... closed the door to the place where we keep Tyger's litter box. Now, it's not like it's a closet that you might think should be closed, or even the door to the laundry room or bathroom... his box is in the shower that we never use. A good place for two reasons - it's out of the way and it keeps the dogs out of it. We just keep the sliding door open a little and there are two doors to the bathroom and Tyger has been fine for a year now - it's worked out great. So whoever it was that came through last time - shut the shower door. Why? Why would they do that? Poor cat has been trying to tell me, but he's really not a good communicator. He doesn't even tell me if his food bowl gets empty. So he's been meowing... but not coming up to me meowing... just meowing... I figured he was joining the crowd of folk around here who are missing Frank and being overly vocal about it. I did check his food. I knew his box was ok because I had just changed it the other day... but I didn't go look... and so I wondered what could be wrong in his little world, but went on living in my little world... 'til he walked over to the door, squatted on the rug and peed with me standing right there. Poor guy just couldn't hold it any longer. I couldn't believe my eyes because he's such a good little cat, but figured it out quick when I picked him up to put him in the cat box like you do a little kitten that’s learning the ropes. He was so happy to get in there he went right in to do more work and stunk up the house. My goodness - two days he's been crossing his legs. I was so mad. But not at him of course. And Luke swears he didn't shut the door, so it had to be the people viewing the house. Were they playing a joke do you think? Not a nice one.

And then the person to come before them unlocked and opened the door out of the garage... and never closed it properly. The dogs could have escaped. And the person before that - left the deck door unlocked. Which really isn't a problem in this neighborhood - but I'm a security freak and an unlocked door makes my imagination run overtime. It's just too much - all of it - it has to end soon.

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