Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some Links

Tinnies from the latest Somerset Studio mag. I want to make a bunch of these for my new studio to hold my pens, pencils and brushes in - they look so fun and not only that... are a good use of recycling. Only problem is I will have to open a can of food - I don't do that very often it seems.

More wonderful projects fromSomerset Studio's Online Project Studio - so inspiring!

Kelly Angard's Creative Collage blog with cool "Technique Tuesday" tips.

And I'll leave you with something odd and perhaps even a little disturbing: Jewelry made from Barbie Doll parts


  1. my mom uses many cans, I will save you some! I had to send my barbie collecting friend the bits-o-barbie jewelry .... and told her to LOOK AWAY.

  2. oooh thanks!!! LOL - I'm glad you could have some fun with your barbie friend :)