Monday, January 30, 2006

What a Day

I'm glad it's just about over. Two major mudslides, water everywhere, trees on power lines, electricity outages, and just this nervous feeling about something bad going to happen. I picked Luke up early because I couldn't stand it and was relieved because the road looked like it was going to be closed at any moment. I wasn't going to go back the same way, but all of sudden NEEDED to switch cars - don't know why - had it all planned out ahead of time, but followed the gut, went home and switched cars (and discovered power back on too yay!) and went on our way. Came back home and see that the car I'd been driving earlier now has a very flat tire. So that is why - the universe was looking out for me and saved me from being stranded on the side of the road in the rain somewhere with places to go. So I guess AAA will come to the house and fix it or switch it to the spare, right? (Because even though I've been shown how, I'm not going to do it.)

Good news was the sun did eventually come out, and I got my chakras balanced (oh, I needed that, and oh, do I feel better) and my friend Becky made us the best homemade mac & cheese and salad and we had a nice dinner at her place. And we are home safe and the power is on and the house is warm and dry.

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