Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Dry Day

Last night we drove up the hill and into a snow storm of all things. I said to Frank that it looked more like snow than rain and he said yeah it did... but it must be just really heavy rain... and then I was thinking that it was certainly cold enough to snow... and it's quiet like snow... and then I said it WAS snow! And Frank said no, it's not. YES! I know what snow looks like! No. YEAH, it's snow, Frank - wet snow. No it's not. Frank! There is snow on the side of the road! No - that's just the reflection of the light. No it's SNOW. Where - where is the snow. RIGHT THERE. No. Yes it IS - snow - white stuff - right there. Oh - hey - yeah snow! Look Luke snow! Luke starts in with the "no" bit from the back seat. These two are going to drive me totally out of my mind by the time Luke is a teenager, if not before then.

Anyway we woke up to a little snow and it was soon gone... and then... nothing. No rain! Wow - even some blue sky! So we spent the afternoon in Edmonds working in the yard (like everyone else in the neighborhood - could hear all the rakes going all around) and Luke figured out he could climb my tree. It was so great to get outside for a change.

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