Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Morning Links

One of my favorite magazines is Sunset. (Yes, one of my favorites out of 1000, I'm a magazine freak it turns out. Anyway....) Last night they got me with an email that featured weekend breakfast pastries. They look delish. Too bad I didn't make them or I'd be eating some now.

They also have a call out for Dream Garden Entries. Wonder if my new garden will have anything worthy to offer by May 1st. Only time will tell.

Discovered this wonderful Latte Art site this morning via a friend at Live Journal.

And here is a fabulous old (1652) coin I would love to get my hands on - my yankee roots are calling for it - haha! More here if you like old coins.

And here is some happy colorful art to feast your eyes upon: Fern House Studio by Christina Heiniger.

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  1. Thanks for the mention ofmy website! You have some great images here--I love your lily pad bracelet.