Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Studio in the Works

January 2007, this cute little shed will be built in my back yard and I'll be melting glass again! Can't WAIT.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa Came

We found this saved to the computer when we woke up. Santa must have hit "print screen" when he stopped in. Or something. We tracked him all around the world. Most amazing was his barrel role over Germany.

Luke woke us up at 6:40 AM. "Mom, Mom! Santa Came! And GUESS WHAT!!! He did NOT bring me coal!!!!"

Here he is, several hours later, with one of his favorite gifts from Santa, plus a necklace of fairy dust around his neck and his laser pet toy hanging from his pocket:


Luke: "Mom, what's this?"

Me: "It's mistletoe."

Luke: "Oh. What is it?"

Me: "A plant."

Luke: "Oh. But what is it FOR?"

Me: "Kissing people."

Luke: "Hu?"

Me: "You hang it up and then if anyone gets caught standing under it, you get to kiss them. It's an old tradition."

Luke: "Hu. I need some!"

Me: "Why? Who do you want to kiss you?"

Luke: "No one. Well... maybe a flower."

Me: "A Lilly Flower?"

Luke: "Maybe.... yeah...."

Luke and Lilly: