Sunday, August 29, 2010


Eight new beads listed on Etsy tonight! Here are a few you have not yet seen:

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Inspiration

The Bash, we love The Bash! In case you don't know, it's Frantz Art Glass's customer appreciation day - free demos, fantastic sales, lunch, glassy friends, the works. This year I got there in time to see Kimberly Affleck's demo for once and it was worth the drive and then some.

Her demo bead can be seen here - it's her seahorse, but done, this time, on a silver glass background bead. HUGE. I had seen her demo the seahorse a while ago, it was the base bead I was into. HUGE. Biggest bead ever! Like 4 inches by 3 inches or so. And gorgeous.

So, that was the best thing about The Bash this year. The next best thing was Double Helix. I spent a LOT of money on their glass. Plus I got the t-shirt. Why not? Kalypso is the glass of the month - if people thought they liked Clio, they are are going to go ga-ga over Kalypso. Mnnnnnnn.

Here are my Kalypso/Kimberly inspired beads. I'm heading to the studio next to make some more!

Friday, August 13, 2010

In Limbo

What's up? Not much. It's the time of summer where I'm either dreading summer ending, or planning my fall. Usually. Neither one is happening so much for me right now. For one, I'm still waiting for summer to arrive. It doesn't feel like it really has this year. And for two, I have no fall plans.

Don't get me wrong, I want to have fall plans... it's just that it's not in the cards for me right now. Instead of fall plans, I have potential... lots of it and nothing I can act on. I'm waiting to hear from a school to see if my kiddo got in or not, because if he did - onward! :: glass, beads, galleries, etc. If not... well, onward! to homeschooling - which could be fun, or not... but where to start? And do I really want to start if the lottery school is just going to call us any day now? (No, I don't.)

Ug! I'm in limbo. Which is one of my least favorite places to be.

I'm thinking by the first week in September, I'll know two things: summer will have ended before it ever really got here... and whether or not I'll be melting glass again or teaching 4th grade to the kiddo instead. (But if that last thing happens, I'm extending summer vacation for another month. How's that for a plan?)