Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Glass Goodies

Oh, I'm not so good at this blog thing lately am I? I wonder why that is... I do think of things I could write about, but then I usually forget what they were by the time I have time to site down and write. Maybe that will change soon.

Anyway, here are some glass goodies I've been making. Lots of fun things, just playing around. Will get serious about listing things for sale once Luke goes back to school.

In other news...

Luke lost three teeth this month - he looks like a jac-o-lantern. I should take a picture, huh?

A jack russle jumped into my car this morning at swim lessons, got me all muddy, and stole my heart. I found his rightful owner though so his heart isn't broken.

Luke can now swim the length of the pool for swim lessons - not well, mind you, but he can do it.

Frank and I went to the Frantz Glass Bash last weekend, it was very cool, I got lots of new glass colors, saw the best demo by Kimberly Affleck (check out her seahorse beads!) and won a door prize of glow in the dark glass powder... fun!