Monday, July 30, 2007

Yummy Chocolate Flowers

chocolate flowers

Three new delicious chocolate caramel flower necklaces - one is around my own neck and is not coming off any time soon, the other two are for sale on my Etsy store. Check them out!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July Update


Goodness, it's been a long time since I've updated here. Let's see, where should I start. I guess I'll start with a confession: I've been sick. Really sick and it's gone on longer than it should have because I didn't want to face up to it. Yes, my autoimmune thyroid disease came back, this time not Graves but Hashimotos - turns out it's a lot easier to manage this one than the first one - that's the good news and I feel pretty lucky about that. The bad news is that I also have some adrenal issues, a rare recurring virus (Mono/Epstien Barr) and a ton of food allergies. The food allergies are causing me the most struggle at the moment, everything else is finally under control. But February, March, May and June were hard (really hard) and July finds me finally feeling a bit normal again (heh, no comments!).

I just finished a really long and drawn out project - my last client website project ever (please, Universe, don't make me eat those words). Have a look at it if you like - - I think it came out nice - the client loved it until a couple of her friends suggested she re-do it in brighter colors - hmn. Oh well, just one of the reasons I'm glad to be out of web work once and for all. I'm excited too, because it means I can finally focus my energies on MY dream: creating beads, jewelry, art... pretty things that make people happy to have them and wear them.

I have not had a whole lot of time in the studio to create, but I did make some cute glass acorns:


Stay tuned for some beachy beads or jewelry made from them (not sure which yet). I'm having fun making waves in glass right now.

On the homefront, we got one of those huge blow up party pools for Luke - he's been enjoying it SO much - it looks like this:

And that's about it - can't think what else... the bathroom remodel projects are still moving slowly forward... the green beans plants are as tall as I am and my tomato plant is almost up to my neck... Oh, Frank got his motorcycle license (and is looking for a bike) and we saw Lyle Lovet in the rain last weekend and it was actually really fun, even in the rain. And Harry Potter 7 - DONE! Loved it! Hope everyone is having a nice summer too. Xoxo - Pam