Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Master List for Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Research

I put this together to share on a thyroid group I help moderate. Since I've shared some of my health struggles here on my blog, I figured I'd share this here too - it's a great list of links - all of these things have helped me to feel better over the years. Every one of them. 

I’m in Hypo Hell: What do I do?

1.      Are your labs optimal? If NO, work toward this:
·        FT3 is in Top 1/3 of Range
·        FT4 is Mid Range
·        Ferritin is 70-90 (
·        RT3 Ratio is good. ( )
·        Optimal Lab Values:
·        Try different meds until you find one that works best for you:

2.      Are you gluten-free? If NO – try it. If YES, and it’s not helping enough, try grain free or AIP elimination diet to find more food triggers.  Our health starts in our GUT. Work on making it healthier:

3.      Look for other Root Causes:

·        Vitamin D
·        Selenium
·        Zinc
·        Magnesium
·        Vitamin D
·        Iron
·        B’s
·        C
·        Trace minerals (Sea Salt)

5.      Are your Adrenals working optimally? Most likely this answer is a NO.

6.      What about MTHFR? Ask your dr. for testing or do the 23andMe saliva test and run the data through a third party to get your SNPS.

7.      What about iodine? Research it and make up your own mind:

8.      Learn about LDN – it can normalize your immune system if you’ve tried everything else already.

9.      Learn about Neurotransmitters. There is a huge brain/gut/immune system connection:

10.   More Reading: