Friday, September 28, 2007

Etsy Treasury

One of my beads was featured on an Etsy Treasury today! This makes me so happy, even though it's virtually meaningless. Haha.

Check it out:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Message From Luke

My school's Annual Fundraiser with Innisbrook has begun! Innisbrook Wraps has great gift wrap, fun gift wrap accessories, delicious gourmet foods, Fine Helen Grace Chocolates, Time Inc. magazine subscriptions, unique gift items and more.

For every item that is purchased, Innisbrook will donate up to 50% of the purchase price to my school. I also earn prize credits for every item sold except school supplies. The more prize credits I earn, the more Prizes I win!

Attached is a link to the Innisbrook website. Please visit the site and consider making a purchase on my behalf. Our sale will be over soon, so hurry and place your order.

Thanks for your help!

Click the link below to visit and they will recognize me and my school automatically.

If the above link does not work -
1. Click below
2. Enter the Seller ID# R104069C

How he knew true love

My grandmother and grandfather hung out in the same crowd somehow way back when. My grandmother was an art student, my grandfather a scholar of all things scientific, mathematic, philosophical. My grandmother thought my grandfather too good looking, too many girls were interested in him. I don't know what he thought of her, she was beautiful too. But somehow, one day, they were paired up on a double date. The first thing my grandfather said to her (and this is so typical, if you had known him) was: "What is the center of the Universe?" I don't know what kind of answer he expected to get, but it wasn't the one she returned: "Why, THIS is the center of the Universe." Apparently he was struck speechless (a first) and they were engaged to be married a week later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Have been spending some great time in the studio, Halloween is coming a little early... maybe by the time it's really here, I'll have perfected these. Introducing my Spooky Halloween Trees.... stay tuned for more.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Fresh Start

There is just something about September... it feels... like a fresh start. Time to get organized and into a routine... and back to work. I'm looking forward to it.

I've been organizing my studio - I put together some new storage racks for my glass rods. It's beautiful - it makes the glass just sparkle.

Luke starts school in five days. We are all very excited about it - it's a new school, another one of those "I'll never do that when I'm a parent" things - we are putting him in private school, even though we have a perfectly fine public school next door. It's going to be the best thing for him though, really great: small class sizes, great teachers, he'll be learning computers, Spanish, art and art history, music, drama and of course the regular stuff, reading, writing and math. They have a photography club, chess club, astronomy club and some discovery club and he wants to join all of them. And in the winter they have Ski Fridays - and parents get to go skiing with the kids too. When he's older he will go on the best field trips - learning to sail, mountain climbing, NY City and Washington DC... such cool experiences coming his way.

So, five days and counting... I'll be back with some pretty things to show, and sell, soon.

End of Summer Days

We've been enjoying the last few days of vacation - took a trip to the ocean beaches and around the Olympic Peninsula. What a huge state Washington is, seriously huge, and wild, for the most part. It was refreshing to see. And then it kept going on... and on... and so it was good to get home again, too.

This is the Dungeness Spit, in Sequim, WA. Miles of sand and driftwood and rocks, leading up to a lighthouse:

And here is Luke, hamming it up: