Thursday, January 31, 2008

365 days of colour: day 31

impression jasper earrings

I love impression jasper - it's *my* colors, Northwest blue mixed with beachy sand... mmmmn.

Tomorrow sadly is not a ski day after all, the passes are closed due to snow and avalanche issues... I'm glad I don't have to drive up in bad weather at least.

I think I've picked out my marathon walk thing... actually, I think I'm going to shoot for a HALF marathon, rather than a full one, and I like the looks of this one:

Oh, and great news, of the four auctions I listed on Just Beads and Ebay, two have had bids! I'm pretty happy with that, and encouraged to keep trying in those venues.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

365 days of colour: day 30

lampwork bead

Hot. That was what my kiln was today... somehow the F/C button got pushed and it was showing about 700 degrees and wouldn't get hotter than that... though it was HOT. Really hot. Like ouch, too hot to put a bead in without singing my skin hot. Something was wrong... but what? Then I saw it... the C. Celsius. Push the button - gasp: 1300+ degrees Fahrenheit! It's a wonder my glass wasn't slumping. Between that and my propane running out... slowly... turn up the propane, ok that's a good flame... oh... it's small again, turn it up. Up, UP.... yeah, I give up. No good beads today, not really.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

365 days of colour: day 27


Me, Interviewed

Shauna from the Etsy store Smiles and Sunshine recently started featuring some of her favorite Etsy sellers on her blog and she was nice enough to choose my store and asked to interview me. It's kind of funny to see it up there, I don't think I've ever been interviewed before, but here it is if you'd like to see it!

My Interview on Smiles and Sunshine Blog.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

365 days of colour: day 26

365 days of colour: day 26

I'm REALLY looking forward to spring light. Even on a "nice" day, the light here is still so "winter".


Skiing: yesterday was GREAT. Yeah, it was cold, 8 degrees, but the sun was out in full force and the snow was sparkley. And crunchy. That great crunchy noise snow makes when it's really cold. Skiing was great, I found some pretty trails that I was all alone on and I loved it. Luke had a great instructor this time and spent more time standing than sitting. He learned to turn and stop and slowdown some... and we were able to go up together after his lesson and made three more runs. So much fun... except for when he wiped out two kids while their dad was taking their picture. That was not so much fun. Especially when the dad felt the need to lecture ME about keeping a closer rein on my kid. It takes all kinds...

Art Group Meeting: I went, it seemed like a great bunch of women (a few men), very friendly, lots of good energy. Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch demonstrated her encaustic works - so fun looking!!! Her art is beautiful and I think it would be great to take a class with her... except... I really don't need a new medium. And all the supplies and tools that go with it. I will keep telling myself this... I do not need a new medium. But oh, the potential for creative experimentation with encuastics!!

Signage: My favorite organic and natural foods store, PCC Market, is opening in my town this summer! We drove by the sign announcing this wonderful news today. I'm so happy, I've missed it since we moved here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Tree Bead

I think I'm about done with trees for a little bit... but who knows. This one is neat because there is no green or blue glass in it at all. The base bead is made with opal yellow and then I rolled it in copper foil and melted it in...and melted, and melted and melted. It takes forever for the reaction and the black of the the burned copper to go away if it's going to... like 45 minutes. Crazy amount of time to spend just on the base bead. Anyway, here it is.

Lampwork Tree Bead

A "Cool" Bracelet!

Look! Pam Robinson from Cool Jewelry Designs made a wonderful bracelet out of my coffee cup heart bead. I love the colors she paired it up with... and that double strand thing she's got going on. Check out her store, lots of fun, eclectic designs!

365 days of colour: day 25

365 days of colour: day 25

My good girl, sitting still for me when there are "birds, just over there mom," that need to be chased.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Growing Roots Lampwork Focal Bead

Growing Roots

A new bead, another grounding tree - this time in earthy neutrals. Just listed on eBay. Thanks for looking!

365 days of colour: day 24

365 days of colour: day 24

Just a shell I found on our beach one day at low tide.

The eBay vs. JustBeads Experiment

JustBeads has been running for 2 days and has 18 views. Ebay has been running for 1 day and has 31 views. No bids on either.

Is it a bad thing... go to bed at night thinking "Oh, good, coffee when I wake up, I can't wait". I'm pretty sure that's a major sign of addiction, no?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

365 days of colour: day 23


I've been stalking the bird baths for cool reflections... we've been having some nice sunshine, so it should have made for some good photos, except it's too cold for water and so all I've got is ice for you today.

Jumping into Da Bay

Grounded I Lampwork Bead

Well... you know what? I decided to run a little experiement... since I have two very similar beads... and so... now one of them is on eBay and one is on Just Beads. Let's see which one wins the views/hits/bids/price contest, shall we?

Whooo hooo!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

365 days of colour: day 22

365 days of colour: day 22

"Grounded II" Lampwork Bead

Blue Between "Grounded II" Lampwork Bead

Who doesn't need a little grounding and balancing in their life? This wonderful tree symbolizes both: grounding roots reaching into the earth and balancing branches stretching out into the sky. The little blue dots? Well, they are what I call "little drops of consciousness from the Universe" - the stuff that connects it all together and provides inner wisdom. All on a lovely blue and green background that brings the hope of spring to mind.

This bead is available on JustBeads. Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 21, 2008

365 days of colour: day 21

365 days of color - day 21

A clematis seed pod. Kinda looks like a wig. For a... bird?

My Very First Auction!

Well, I did it! I listed a bead on an Auction site - I decided to start with as it seemed friendly. I like friendly. Click the image below to see the auction. Thanks for looking!

Grounded and Balanced

I should keep this one for myself, I could use some grounding and balancing! All this trying to figure out what my next business move should be. Ebay? JustBeads? Advertising? That gallery downtown?

Anyway, the roots symbolize grounding, the tree, balancing, and the little blue dots? Well THEY are little drops of consciousness from the Universe. A very wise bead.

BlueBetween Bead

The Etsy Showcase

So, I never said how it went. Well... I have to say, I was not impressed. A few views, A few hearts, no sales. I went in a few times during the day to switch my showcased item around. My more traditional red heart did way better than my blue or brown winged hearts. Someone was nice enough to comment how much they liked my pink heart. But all in all, for $15, I don't think it was worth it. Unfortunately, I have a spot in one at the end of this week - I was so excited to see spots available that I snatched two up. And then I was stupid enough to go onto the Etsy forums and read thread after thread about how showcases are such a waste of money. Ah well, live and learn, right? My Esty bill will be much higher this month and so at least someone made out in the deal.
I like Etsy, it's a super easy place to set up a shop, the record keeping is good, it ties in well with PayPal and PayPal shipping ties in well with the USPS.... but so far the promoting ideas they suggest/sell, don't seem to be working. I think I get more views, and sales, from blog readers and my friends in other (non-Etsy) forums. I hope that it's also an easy buying experience for my customers, and that they would let me know if it wasn't.

That said, I'm considering, gulp, putting a couple of beads up on eBay - as I'm sure you know, eBay is still The place to find a great selection of amazing (and not so amazing) lampwork beads. Let's see how this goes - wish me luck!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My New "Love Blooms" Series

I'm so happy with the beads that came out of my kiln today - they feel like spring and have so much sunshine in them... love too.

Here are a few of them, enjoy!

Valentine Heart Tree Series - BlueBetween Lampwork Glass Art Beads Valentine Heart Tree Series - BlueBetween Lampwork Glass Art Beads

Love Blooms BlueBetween Lampwork Glass Bead Valentine Heart Tree Series - BlueBetween Lampwork Glass Art Beads

365 days of colour: day 19

Valentine Heart Tree Series - BlueBetween Lampwork Glass Art Beads

I'm sorry, my entry is another bead. But this one makes me really happy, I managed to escape from the sick kiddo for a few hours today and I started a new series of tree beads - this one is my fav.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentines Day Showcase on Etsy

I signed up for my first showcase on Etsy. It's the Valentines Day one since I've got my store loaded with hearts. It's going on NOW - Take a look if you have a chance - thanks!

Find more photos like this on Indiepublic

365 days of colour: day 17

365 days of colour: day 17

Ahhh.... this is much better now. I've been struggling, and I mean STRUGGLING, with a slow computer for months. Waiting... waiting... waiting.... for ever. For the page to load. For the mouse to move. For the word to finish typing. For something, anything... to happen on the screen in front of me. Don't even ask how I managed to run PhotoShop... painful. But life is good again, I've got my memory back.

Monday, January 14, 2008

365 days of colour: day 14

365 days of colour: day 14

classic winter colors I think. At least for this area of the world. I do have some hydrangeas clinging to blue still though, isn't that odd?

New Hearts on Etsy

hearts on etsy

More coming soon too! See them here: My Etsy Store.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shiny New Mandrels


I ordered these new mandrels a few weeks ago and they finally arrived yesterday. They are the most beautiful mandrels I've ever gotten, wrapped up pretty in a bow, rounded edges filed down so I don't cut myself taking off the beads... and a great new size I'm very excited about. It's in between the two sizes I use most often: 3/32 and 1/6 - they are 5/64 and are quite possibly the perfect size. I made a bunch of heart beads today on them and they turned out great. Love. Isn't it funny what floats our boats?

365 days of colour: day 13

365 days of colour: day 13

This is the reflection in my birdbath. The sun was shining today.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

365 days of colour: day 12

365 Days of Color: day 12

This is me and Tyger all evening, me sick again and Tyger taking advantage of a warm spot.

Friday, January 11, 2008

365 days of colour: day 11

Contrary to the story portrayed in these two photos... the day was pretty good. Luke is learning to ski, he spent a lot of time on his bottom, but he had a great time and can't wait until next week and his next lesson. Me, I was pretty nervous, it's been 10 years since I last skied... and my first run up all I could picture was that scene from Bridget Jones Diary - you know the one where she gets off the lift and makes a total fool of herself. Well, I'm happy to say, that did NOT happen... it was just like riding a bike. You never forget. A good day.


Luke Down

(This second photo is my day 11 picture... not the best quality as I only had Luke's little camera... but it's got color, and it's not a bead... so it counts.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

365 days of colour: day 10

Handmade Lampwork Bead

Another bead. I don't want this to be 365 Days of Beads... so I'll work on trying to get a photo of something else tomorrow instead. Promise.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

365 days of colour: day 9

365 days of colour: day 9

almost missed this today... so soon into the year? Yikes, half an hour to go. Just another bead, though it is a cool one.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

365 days of colour: day 8

365 days of colour: day 8

Just a pinkish frit bead today. I only managed to make 5 beads in between dentist and doctor appointments and then it was time to pick Luke up from school. And then 2 of my 5 beads broke... oh well.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008

365 days of colour: day 4

365 days of colour: day4

A scarf I'm slowly knitting... if I get it done before spring, I'll wear it with my new brown coat.

Local Artists Group

Ever since we moved here, I've been thinking of finding a group of local artists to connect with... I looked online a few times, but didn't find anything. I tried again last night and I finally found one - I think they must have a new website maybe, anyway - it's in my town and looks pretty active and so I joined it last night. First meeting is at the end of the month, I'm excited. It's mostly painters, but they say they welcome glass and jewelry artisans too. They have two shows a year so I can get my feet wet there as well. Mostly I'm hoping to meet some interesting local people and gain some artsy friends.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

365 days of colour: day 3

365 days of colour: day 3

This photo is kinda blah, exactly like my day today. Luke is sick again/still, it was a bad day all around. On the couch surrounded by flu germs, I'm sure my turn is right around the corner.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Call me crazy... or... my goals for 2008:

I’m not one to make resolutions, same reasons as most people who say they don't make them, no need to go into those reasons again. I do have some goals I’d like to meet, or work toward, this year though… and one big crazy idea I’m still thinking over.

The goals are pretty easy, I think. First, I want to have 300 sales on Etsy this year. That means 300 beads. Or just less than 6 beads a week. Sounds totally doable, right? I hope so. Especially since I had almost 50 sales in the last quarter of 2007. I also want to get my work into a gallery in my little town. There are a few to choose from… so hopefully one of them will want me. I’ll give that a try in the spring. And finally, I want to get published in a magazine. Either a tutorial or… just a picture of one of my works… worst case scenario, I’ll buy an ad to put in the back of one. Haha.

Ok and for the way-out-there idea… I was thinking… it was time I did something big. I mean BIG. It’s been awhile since I did something that was really out of my comfort zone... something bigger than me, bigger than my little world I've got carved out for myself. It’s been awhile since I did something small, if I think about it. And it’s way over-due. At one time I thought I’d like to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride – it’s 100 miles… but I don’t think my butt can sit on a bike seat that long… seriously, even with extra padding I’ve earned sitting around on it making beads. That, plus, I think you have to camp in a tent one night after all that bike riding – I really think I’ll be wanting a soft bed and a hot bath.. not a sleeping bag on the ground. And then I thought… what about the 3 day/60 mile walk for breast cancer? But that’s… 3 days. And $2200. And 60 miles. And camping in a tent. For two nights. Again, in a tent?

SO… I’m thinking of walking a marathon. That’s only 26 miles. Maybe 7 or 8 hours of walking. Done in one day… not two, not three… no tent. No big fundraising. No biggie… but still BIG. Still thinking, no commitment yet… but I’m looking at one of these marathons: Alaska’s Midnight Sun Marathon, Victoria, BC, or maybe one of the Hawaii ones. Alaska might be nice because I always wanted to get up there for summer solstice anyway. Crazy? Or about time? Not sure… will decide soon though.

Etching Experiments

This is the same bead, isn't that wild? Before etching, and after:

earthy bead2a

Another bead, before and after:

ivory1 bead1