Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back "home"

Camping out is fun, but coming 'home' is really nice. First thing Luke said was "Mom! It's so nice to have a toilet that flushes the first time." He's right. It's also nice to have KPLU's "All Blues" blaring through the speakers we wired throughout the house... and bright lights, and warm clean floors that you can go barefoot on... and delicious clean water right out of the faucet, and... that big tub of mine that is calling my name - just wondering if there is enough hot water after 3 loads of laundry and Frank's shower - I'll find out soon, and it will be clear fresh water, not the yellow stuff that we filled the old claw foot up with in Edmonds. That house really needs a LOT of work. It will be nice though too... just give us enough time. And money. And patience. For now, I'll enjoy my little luxuries here while I have them.

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